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Trans Day of Visibility March 23, 2013 – Time to shine!

Monday, February 18th, 2013

Everyone is Welcome at the Transgender Day of Visibility!

This is our third year celebrating and recognizing the wonders and joys of the Trans community in the south bay area! The Transgender Day of Visibility is an international event that serves as a complement to the Transgender Day of Remembrance.

3-6 pm: Social, Panels, art show, video games, open mic

7-11 pm: Cocktail party & dance – fundraiser for the DeFrank

Trans Day of Visibility! Billy DeFrank LGBT Community Center, 938 The Alameda, San Jose
* No cover * Social * Art show (contact: to display your art) * Indie computer video games * the unexpected!

3:00 pm: Doors open

3:15 pm: Keynote by Dr. Bowers

4:00 pm: Panels beginР* Friends & Family w/Diana Heideman * Sex Reassignment Surgery  w/Dr. Marci Bowers *  Physical & Psychological Effects of Hormones w/ Dr. Charles Moser * Get Involved with Politics w/ Adam Spickler * Trans Life with Prof. Wiggsy Siverston * Police Auditor Services w/ Judge Ladoris Cordell

5:30 pm: Open mic, featuring Amy Dentata

Cocktail Party & Dance; 1343 A The Alameda by Char’s Hair
$15; proceeds to the Billy DeFrank LGBT Community Center * Get dressed up and let your hair down!

*Socializing * Light Appetizers * Entertainment and Presentations, with Comedian Ariel Smith * Music and Dancing * No Host Bar * Raffles

Indiegogo Campaign for Transgender Tuesdays

Friday, April 13th, 2012

I heard about the film-in-the-making Transgender Tuesdays from an excellent Vipassana teacher, Larry Yang. He teaches at the East Bay Meditation Center among other places.

San Francisco has long been a home for the LGBT community. It’s still rare though for the T to get historical attention. This film will help fill that void, plus provide inspiration for new clinics. Check it out!

Here’s Larry’s letter (used with permission):

“Transgender Tuesdays is a documentary film about the country’s first clinic that offered full medical care (everything from colds to cancer) specifically to transgendered people. It serves as a model for the rest of the country, and needs our help getting out there.

I was the therapist on the Transgender Clinic at Tom Waddell Clinic in San Francsico for three years–and I have a strong interest in supporting this project. Most of the creative force and energy is coming from Trans communities. This film has been accepted into the Frameline LGBT film festival this year, but there is additional funding needed to make this happen. Please help if you can.

The Indiegogo fundraising campaign has started at

The film’s website is

Many thanks for your consideration
Larry Yang”

Art and Gender

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

My mom sent me a link to a wonderful article about an artist who transitioned, and how her style did not change. I love how the comments express that the artist was always the same person, always created art as her self… she only made her body congruent with that inner self, so her art did not change.

It’s interesting to think that active artists have an inherent understanding of self-expression. That’s a gem I hadn’t seen before.

Thanks Mom!